Benefits of Crib Hanging Toys

Crib hanging toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that all either hang over your baby’s crib or hang on the side of your baby’s crib and rotate over the crib. They are usually very colorful and may have fun and loving characters or objects hanging from them that babies find very interesting. These objects could be animals, stars, rings, shapes, cartoons, cars, fluffy balls, other novelty items and so on. Sometimes the objects will have a reflective surface that babies get very attracted to because it is something completely new to them. While other times they may have soft lights inside which blink and shine gently so they do not put any strain on your baby’s eyes, rather keep them engaged and intrigued.

Crib hanging toys may also have musical chimes or a small music box attached that creates soothing sounds to calm your baby down when they are feeling cranky in their cribs. No matter the design or theme, all babies love crib hanging toys because the toys are very good at grabbing your baby’s attention and making them smile. The sounds they produce are like lullabies to your baby’s ears and most babies can easily watch and listen to the crib hanging toy for long periods of time till they fall asleep. These toys are also very good for babies because they spark their curiosity from a young age and help babies develop object tracing as they search for the source of the moving lights or colorful characters and objects. While seeking out the hanging toys, they also learn to trace sound better by understanding that the sound comes from the toy as it moves over the crib.

Many babies will reach upwards from their laid back position in order to grab the toys and feed their curiosity. This can help them develop their back and neck support as babies exercise their growing bodies to reach for the toy. It makes them learn the result of their own movements and promotes improved balance in your baby. Many parents love these toys simply because they can see their babies smile every time they are laid down in their cribs. Often your baby can feel alone in their crib but with crib hanging toys, your baby will always feel like the hanging toys are watching over them and waiting for them to come up and play. Not only are crib hanging toys great for your baby but also make for an excellent gift to those parents that have a new born baby or are expecting one.

A Parent’s Lifesaver – Best Baby Teether

There are a lot of things to consider when having a baby. For example, you need to pick what kind of travel system, or car seat and stroller combo, is the most efficient for your lifestyle. You also need to pick a crib that is either a crib to bed transition or opens at the side. But what people don’t realize is very essential in the giant checklist of baby items are teething toys. A baby can be in the teething stage from three months to 18 months before getting their first tooth. For all the time in between you have a baby that is constantly chewing on their hand, drooling all over the place, and looks visibly irritated with no relief. That is why it is best to look for the best baby teether for your little one to enjoy. Teething toys help promote good oral development as teething is part of the different stages of a baby’s life.

Most big stores sell teethers. You can easily purchase one from the grocery store in a pinch. However, there are other ways of soothing a baby’s mouth. For example, you can soak small hand towels in water and freeze them. You can also give a frozen small block of breast milk. Another creative solution is rubbing ice cubes on the baby’s gums. In the end, you can just get a standard teething toy, which are inexpensive and can be thrown in the dishwasher for a good cleaning.

One might be surprised to see there are different things about teethers that are appealing to babies. Most popular are teethers that are made of silicone or wood. These are materials that are soothing to a baby’s gums, but won’t break down and become a choking hazard. Babies have a very strong bite, and you want to get something that is durable. The shape of the teether is also a good thing to consider as you want your baby to be able to grip and hold it easily. There is no use getting a teether that the baby can’t even grip as it chews. Most teethers now have texture, like tiny bumps or grooves that help massage the gums. The only thing to remember is to clean the teethers constantly so dirt and bacteria don’t get in the baby’s mouth. Looking for the best baby teether is not a search made in vain, as you will find yourself reaching for one almost every time your baby is in discomfort.

Should a Baby Rattle Be Your Child’s First Toy?

Rattles are probably the oldest baby toys. They have been around for centuries in different shapes and forms. For some people, it is just a noisy piece of toy that doesn’t serve any purpose. However, that’s not the case at all. Experts have found the wisdom in the use of baby rattles that also explains why it has always been popular as one of the first toys for children in various parts of the world. Its sound and moving parts are not just entertainment but also helps a baby with the development of many new skills. For starters, a moving rattle in parents’ hands becomes the first instance for babies to visually track an object and move both of their eyes together in one direction to see the moving toy.

The sound, color, and shape of a baby rattle make it easy for parents to grab the baby’s attention in comparison to their empty hands or any other object. A rattle also assists a baby in improving their nascent motor skills. At first, babies usually hold rattles or other toys with a firm grasp reflex. However, as they grow a bit older and develop motor skills, they also start shaking the rattle. A rattle can also help babies in honing their fine motor skills through its various shapes. Many baby rattles these days come with numerous safe moving parts that can be turned, spun and twisted. Babies eventually learn to perform all these movements and actions on their rattles.

It is important to mention here that the sound coming from a rattle plays an integral role in delivering the functions mentioned above. Those tinkering and jingling sounds hold the baby’s attention and keep them engaged in all those learning and developing activities. Baby rattles also come in soft rubber with textured surfaces. Babies tend to gnaw on the objects they are holding to soothe their gums when they cut new teeth. So, those textured baby rattles also act as effective baby teethers. Rattles also come with wrist and leg straps. These types of rattles help babies in learning that the movement of their arm or legs controls the rattle. As we all know, every baby doesn’t like the same toy. This is also the case with rattles. Some babies may get frightened and start crying by the sound of rattles. If that’s the case, you can look for other baby toys.